PowerLab Workouts

Hi! I'm Janel, founder of PowerLab Workouts. For 20 years, I've devoted myself to the ever-evolving craft of personal training. I love being an instrument of change and helping people obtain fitness and weight loss goals they never thought possible. If you are ready to commit yourself and get in the best physical condition of your life, sign up today for a free workout and consultation! 


PowerStrength effectively takes a results-structured approach, focusing on muscle-building, maximizing the benefits of each routine, and improving your performance every time! Using complex athletic movements, this total-body strength training will push your fitness to its fullest potential.  As you build strength and capacity for higher-level work, you will stimulate muscle growth, crush calories, and boost your power! By making every minute count and staying consistent, you will exceed beyond your expectations. 

PowerStrength and PowerInterval Workouts

My signature PowerStrength and PowerInterval Workouts are make-every-minute-count workouts and serve as the foundation of every workout I designed. They are fun and incredibly effective!


PowerInterval is a high-intensity, "feel the burn" kind of workout! This HIIT style training will tone your body and stimulate new muscle growth by chasing quality movement in short bursts of time. Combining fast-paced cardio and resistance training, you’ll work many muscles at once, boost your metabolism, and continue burning calories for hours after your workout is done!


How? After an intense interval workout, your metabolism doesn’t return to normal immediately. Instead, your body engages in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). When you’re in this state, your body needs extra oxygen to recover from your workout so those calories just keep on burning!



Workout anywhere, anytime

PowerLab has adapted to the ability to have virtual workouts, so we'll never have a disruption in your growth and goals. Through this website (mobile and desktop), every member has the ability to train virtually if you cannot make it to your in-person session. So whether you go on vacation or are dealing with a global pandemic, we'll never lose momentum!